The owner of the website is the company VIP Drivers sp. z o.o., with the registered seat in Warsaw, ul. Klimczaka 5/71, 02-797 Warsaw, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs under the KRS number: 0001103228 kept by the District Court for the City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, NIP: 9512595426, REGON: 52849515100000, e-mail address:, hereinafter referred to as VIP Drivers or the Service Provider. VIP Drivers reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The amended Terms and Conditions are effective from the moment they are published on website These Terms and Conditions may also be modified between VIP Drivers and the User under a special agreement, which must be in writing and contain the clearly expressed will of both parties and signed by them. Any other form of deviation from these Terms and Conditions (such as emails, text messages, etc.) will be rejected. By User is meant anyone who visits the website, uses the services or takes any action involving in any way, even passively, the service provided by the website The User who enters into the Agreement with VIP Drivers has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which can be found on the website



The Agreement with VIP Drivers for the Service of organising transport by luxury vehicles with chauffeur service may be concluded by any means of distance communication, in particular by using our Contact Form located in the Contact tab of the website, e-mail correspondence at, SMS correspondence, correspondence on WhatsApp or Messenger and telephone contact. The Agreement is considered concluded as soon as the User receives the Booking Confirmation message. This is only possible in the case of an advance payment of 50% of the agreed Price. Any contact concerning any of the Services provided by VIP Drivers, depending on the nature of the contact, is understood as an Inquiry confirming the User’s desire to conclude an agreement with VIP Drivers or only an enquiry concerning, for example, the price or availability of selected vehicles. The User acknowledges the responsibility to provide all necessary, accurate and truthful information during the booking process.
Each Service is priced individually taking into account all expectations of the User. The rates given on the website are indicative.
When using the Contact Form, upon receipt of an Inquiry, website sends an automatic message confirming receipt of the Inquiry. Message confirming receipt of Inquiry by VIP Drivers does not mean Booking Confirmation. Booking Confirmation is sent separately and only Booking Confirmation means that the Agreement has been concluded. The User may pay: for the Booked Service by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. Payment will also be required in the event of a “no-show”, late cancellation or change of the Booking at the User’s request. In addition to the agreed Price, there may be Additional Charges that are not included in the Service and therefore not included in the Price, such as: route diversions, parking fees, tolls, airport charges, additional waiting time, etc. Any change must be notified in advance and directly to the email address: Prices for Services include chauffeur costs, insurance and fuel. Prices do not include parking fees, motorway tolls, entrance fees, possible accommodation and meals for the chauffeur outside Warsaw. An increased rate of 50% applies during night hours (22:00-6:00) and on public holidays.
VIP Drivers reserves the right to perform the Services provided directly by VIP Drivers or by subcontractors, but in any case VIP Drivers is the guarantor of the Services provided. VIP Drivers assures the User that all its subcontractors make every effort to provide our Services in a timely manner, however, the User may not claim any compensation if Service has not been performed in a timely manner and the delay has been caused by circumstances beyond the control of VIP Drivers or its representatives, such as strikes, unexpected significant change in weather conditions, traffic jams or detours caused by a road accident or any other action of the authorities, such as closing the road to traffic, etc.



When making a Booking, the User can choose between Transfer by predetermined route and Hourly Hire. A Transfer service is a course with a predetermined route that will not exceed 1 hour. Transfers must start and end in the same urban area. For Transfer services, the quoted Price applies to the starting and destination address.
Hourly Hire is a service that can be booked for a minimum of 3 hours and does not need to have a prespecified detailed route. The booking of an Hourly Hire starts at the place and time of pick-up, which have been confirmed in advance during the Booking. The Price of an Hourly Hire is calculated for each started hour, assuming a route of no more than 15km per each hour. The Hourly Hire must also always end in the urban area of the pick-up location.
In the event of any change at the time the Service is being provided, every effort will be made to accommodate User’s request, however, this is subject to the availability of the VIP Drivers fleet and chauffeur service. The Additional Service provided may incur additional costs. A surcharge may occur, for example, when changing the route, if the User requests additional waiting time or an additional stop on a previously booked route.



There are several vehicle classes from which the user can choose.
Vehicles presented on the website are authentic cars that are in our offer. The photos are for information purposes only, minor changes may occur between the vehicles, such as rim models, upholstery colour, car equipment.
Subject to availability, we can upgrade the class of the vehicle without prior notice and at no extra charge.
VIP Drivers reserves the right to provide the User with a randomly selected vehicle if the User has not specified whether a 5, 6 or 7 seater version is preferred. If the information provided by the User at the time of Booking only states that it will be up to a certain number of passengers without explicitly stating which version of Class V is required, we may provide the User with a version that has the same or more passenger seats.



The maximum number of guests that can be transported in a limousine is 3 people and, due to safety regulations, we will always refuse to transport more people than legally permitted. The number of pieces of luggage, should be agreed individually when making an Enquiry. The VIP Drivers chauffeur may refuse to load luggage that could cause any danger to passengers, the driver or damage to the vehicle. By one piece of luggage we mean a medium-sized suitcase. The chauffeur may refuse to load excess baggage or baggage of non-standard size or shape into the vehicle if this could cause any danger to passengers, the chauffeur or damage to the vehicle.
For safety reasons, User must inform us well in advance of the booking whether children will also be transported. If so, we need information on at least the number and age of the above-mentioned children. In some cases, we may also ask how tall the children are and what their weight is so that we can equip the limousine with the appropriate type of child seat for the duration of the Service.
VIP Drivers also reserves the right to refuse the carriage of animals if this has not been agreed in advance with an additional clear statement. While the Service is being provided, all guests on board and in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle must comply with all laws (applicable in the region in which the Service is being provided) and well-known, widely understood good manners. The User must follow the instructions of the VIP Drivers‘ representative. In the event of misbehaviour, particularly one that may cause any danger, if the User fails to comply with the instructions of the VIP Drivers representative, the Service may be terminated immediately and the total Price for the booked Service must be paid.
Smoking is always prohibited in vehicles offered on the website
Carrying or consuming anything that is illegal or could cause any damage (also understood as a stain or smell) is prohibited.
If the User or guest soils the vehicle, the User must pay the cleaning costs and compensate for the loss caused by the downtime of the car and any additional business losses that may occur if the car has already been contracted for another Service but due to the cleaning process, the Service cannot be performed with that car. If VIP Drivers refuses to provide the Service or any part of it for any of the reasons mentioned in this paragraph and the fault is not the fault of VIP Drivers (e.g. the User did not provide correctly or sufficiently clearly at the time of making the Booking the characteristics of the luggage, information about animals, number, age of children or other circumstances that may affect the way the Service is provided), the User must pay the agreed Service Price in full.



Cancellation of a Booking may be made without any surcharges up to 7 days before the time for which the Service has been booked (understood as the day and hour of the start of the Service). For cancellations between 7 and 4 days before the start of the Service, the User must pay 40% of the agreed Price, and for cancellations less than 4 days before the start of the Service, the User must pay the agreed Service Price in full.
A valid cancellation must be sent by email to VIP Drivers reserves the right to extend the “free cancellation period”, but this must be clearly stated beforehand – at the latest in the Booking Confirmation sent to the User after receipt of the Request.
Changes to Bookings may be treated as new Bookings if the relevant circumstances arise, and thereafter the payment policy may apply, as in the case of cancellation of a Booking.
The Transfer service is treated as a ‘no-show’ if the User or guest has not turned up at the place where the booking was to start within 30 minutes of the pick-up time. If the Transfer is classified as a “no-show”, the User must pay for the Service in full. The User then also loses the right to the Service. An Hourly Hire is treated as a “no-show” if the User or guest fails to show up at the place where the Service was supposed to start at the time for which the Hourly Hire was booked. If the Hourly Hire is classified as a “no-show”, the User must pay for the Service in full. The User then also loses the right to the Service.



At all times, even during the provision of the Service, changes to the Service may be made by the User, but only if a representative of VIP Drivers confirms that this is possible. However, this may result in additional costs. If, for example, the Hourly Hire becomes longer or the number of kilometres included in the standard hourly price increases. Booking an Hourly Hire includes 15 kilometres for each hour of service. The hourly kilometre allowance does not add up, so for example, if an Hourly Hire is booked for 3 hours, this does not mean that the car can drive 45 km in one hour – it means that it can drive 15 km in each hour separately. If the number of kilometres per hour is exceeded, this is subject to a surcharge.
If the distance or duration of the Hourly Hire is shorter than previously booked, the price remains the same. If the Service is extended by more than 5 minutes, we charge the full additional hour.
In the case of the Transfer service, when the distance changes, the additional part of the Service will be recalculated in accordance with the prices in force at the time of the Service, whereas if the duration of the Service extends by more than 5 minutes beyond the agreed 1 hour, we will charge for the full additional hour as per Hourly Hire for the vehicle segment concerned.
In the case of Airport Transfers, when an aircraft is off-schedule and the total transfer time exceeds 1 hour, a charge will be made for each additional hour started as per Hourly Hire for the vehicle segment. VIP Drivers reserves the right to refuse the Service if the aircraft is significantly off schedule.



These Terms and Conditions are to be regarded as an integral part of the Agreement between the User and VIP Drivers. There may be some changes to the Agreement, but only if the User agrees to them before the Booking Confirmation. Different agreements may exist between the cooperating parties, but they are only valid if they are clearly defined and signed by both parties. There are changes that are offered to the User after the Request has been sent but before VIP Drivers has sent the Booking Confirmation. The Booking will not be subject to confirmation until VIP Drivers has received an explicit statement of the User’s acceptance of the aforementioned changes.
For all legal relations between the User and VIP Drivers, Polish law shall apply. In the event of any lawsuit, the local jurisdiction of the court shall correspond to the place of VIP Drivers‘ head office.
Should any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions be declared invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. In respect of the provisions that would theoretically be invalid in such a situation, the parties will endeavour to replace the invalid provisions with the provisions that have the closest meaning to the original provisions and purposes of the Agreement.